A few words about the agglomeration of Opole

The metropolitan area of Opole was established under the Agreement on the Establishment of the Opole  Agglomeration was initiated by 20 local communal authorities around the functional area of Opole. On 19 March 2014 the Tułowice municipality joined the Establishment of the Opole  Agglomeration.

The Agglomeration consists of the charted City of Opole, 7 urban-rural municipalities, as well as 13 rural communities. The aim of the cooperation is to overcome the hardships and barriers that hinder the socio-economic development of agglomeration,  improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants, as well as increasing the competitiveness of municipalities - partners.

The main fields in which the partners decided to cooperate have been written in the Agreement of Cooperation. The Opole Agglomeration focuses its activities around  the areas that are crucial for the members of the partnership: strategic and spatial planning, economic development and mutual  actions for the mobilization of investors, the transfer of new technologies from the research centers of Opole to the economic operators of the Agglomeration, the public transport, protection of natural resources, environmental protection, flood protection, education, culture, sports and tourism.

At present the biggest project carried out jointly by the Partners is the project of Integrated Development of Urban Agglomeration, which received funds during the competition under the operational performance called the technical support 2007-2013. The project will serve to identify common development objectives for the functional area of the AO, to strengthen the urban and metropolitan function of Opole, as well as the development of functional links between the municipalities of AO.

We invite you cordially to make yourself familiar  with the presentations on the Agglomeration of Opole. They have the nature of introduction and provide some basic information on the Agglomeration, the statistical data, as well as the developmental strategies and objectives of AO.

The metropolitan area of Opole as the Intermediary Institution in the management of EU funds

The Opole Agglomeration was established by an agreement concluded in September 2012. The establishment consisted at that time of 20 autonomous municipal governments focused on the functional area of Opole. Among the municipalities cooperating with each other within the framework of the urban...